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Assist to Narberth
Sunday, March 31, 2013 22:22
Late tonight, at 2222hrs, Neighboring Narberth Fire Company was dispatched to a vehicle into a building. Shortly thereafter, callers began reporting the vehicle on fire, with exposure into the building. Station 28 was added to the assignment, along with Squad 22, Air 24, and Engine/RIT 25. Tower 28 arrived on scene to assist the Narberth who had begun controlling the vehicle on fire, fed by a natural gas pipe that had been struck.

Crews worked to check the building for extension of fire and structural stability.

Total time in service: 26 minutes
Commanding 28 officer: DC Weber
Units on scene: Engine 26, Engine 26-1, Ladder 26, Tower 28, Utility 28, Pipeline 28, Lower Merion Police, Narberth Ambulance Paramedics, Lower Merion Fire Marshals