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"When opportunity knocks on your door; It's sometimes a scary thing. [It'd be easier] simply go off and do something that seems more realistic. Don't be realistic. Don't be reasonable. Be bold, be courageous in following that dream. Everyone takes a certain amount of courage to step across that threshold and into a new adventure" (USAF COL [RET] Benjamin Alvin Drew, Jr.).

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There are many volunteer positions within the Union Fire Association of Lower Merion (UFA). An emergency services organization such as UFA requires many dedicated volunteers to fill the positions needed to support its mission. These positions include: Officers, Firefighters, Fireground Support, Driver/Operators, Juniors, Social Committee Members, Administrative, Fundraising, Board of Directors, Solicitors, and Community Representatives. Every position is crucial in supporting the organizations' mission. Which is providing the residents of Bala Cynwyd, Merion, and Lower Merion Township with fire and emergency services in order to protect life, property and the environment. Below is a detailed list of each position's responsibilities and duties.


  • Chief Officers (Chief, Deputy Chief, & Assistant Chief)
    • These are senior managerial positions within the organization that serve multiple roles for day-to-day operations, safety, on-scene coordination, decision making, and administrative duties.
  • Line Officers (Captain & Lieutenant)
    • These are supervisory positions within the organization that focus on day-to-day operations, oversee personnel, crew integrity and safety.
  • Driver/Operator (Pump Operator, Aerial Operator, & Engineer)
    • These are senior positions within the department tasked with ensuring apparatus readiness, logistics, crew safety, and apparatus duties on the fireground.
  • Firefighter (Firefighter I & II)
    • These are highly skilled and task-oriented positions within the department responsible for interior operations on a fireground or an emergency incident. Firefighter I is an entry-level position and Firefighter II is an advanced position.
  • Support Firefighter (Exterior Firefighter/Fireground Support)
    • These are task-oriented positions within the department responsible for exterior operations on a fireground or an emergency incident. These positions are vital in supporting the overall operation on-scene.
  • Junior (Adolescent Firefighter)
    • These are task-oriented positions for those under the age of 18 within the department that have similar duties to support firefighter.


  • Committee Member
    • These are positions within the department tasked with long and short term planning such as: event planning, community outreach, civic association liaisons, the Lower Merion Township Fireman's Relief Association Representative, Recruitment & Retention, 5K 2-Alarm Run, and others
  • Administrative
    • These are positions within the department tasked with duties such as: annual fund drive mailing campaign, banquet hall rentals, birthday party bookings, financial audits, station maintenance, and others.
  • Fundraising
    • These positions are vital to the department's continued success and service. Their duties include organizing, planning, and executing: the annual fund drive, boot drives, silent auctions, community appearances, commercial business partnerships, and donations.
  • Board of Director (President, Vice President, Financial Secretary, Recording Secretary, & Directors)
    • These positions within the department that manage the organization as a whole. Their duties include yearly and long term budgets, overseeing the various administrative and committee members, recruitment & retention, fundraising, and community relations
  • Solicitor(s)
    • These positions within the department are legal advisors to the board of directors and brigade committee.
  • Community Representative
    • These are various community members that reflect the diverse demographics of the area in which the Union Fire Association provides fire and emergency services. Their duties include voicing their communities needs, questions, comments, concerns, so the Union Fire Association can better serve the residents of Bala Cynwyd, Merion, and Lower Merion Township. In addition, these members also help and serve on a variety of other positions within the department.