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Union Fire Association Launches “Responding Together” Campaign

Dear Neighbor,

Have you ever considered what happens when you dial 911 during an emergency? From
gas leaks and carbon monoxide alarms to people stuck in elevators and fires, our
volunteer firefighters are always ready to answer your call. When you contact 911, a
dispatcher immediately alerts a group of volunteers from across the neighborhood, who
drop everything to rush to the fire station. They put on their firefighting gear, hop on a
firetruck, and rush to your aid, setting aside their personal lives, families, and jobs to
serve you during your time of need. They ask for nothing in return, selflessly giving their
time and energy to keep our community safe.

But their dedication doesn’t stop there. To be prepared to help you, our volunteer
firefighters must continually train and attend classes to hone their skills and provide you
with the best possible service. They train for hours every week to learn the best
practices and stay current with the latest firefighting techniques and equipment.

What many people in our Township don’t realize is that our volunteer department only
receives a portion of our operational budget from the Township. The rest of our funding
is reliant on the support of the citizens we serve. Although the Township provided us
with a three percent increase this year in our allocation, we all know that the current rate
of inflation far exceeds this, leaving us with a significant deficit that we must bridge.

So, we invite you to join us in partnership and Respond Together with your volunteer
firefighters by providing them with the financial support they require to serve you and
your loved ones. Every donation is tax-deductible, and more importantly, it is an
investment in your safety. Every contribution makes a significant difference and will go
directly toward helping our volunteer firefighters continue to provide the highest level of
service to you and your community. You can include a check with the coupon below or
donate online at

Thank you for your generosity and support. Together, we can ensure that our volunteer
firefighters have the resources they require to keep us all safe.
The Union Fire Association

Sponsorship LevelAmountIncludes
Fire Marshal$10,000+Marshal’s Award, Leadership Circle Recognition & Permanent Recognition in Firehouse
Chief$5,000+Chief’s Award, Leadership Circle Recognition & Permanent Recognition in Firehouse
Deputy Chief$2,500Leadership Circle Recognition & Permanent Recognition in Firehouse
Captain$1,000Permanent Recognition in Firehouse
Active Duty$250
First Responder$100


To donate, please click on the DONATE button in the top right or reach out to one of our Officers or Directors. We hope that you will join us in our campaign to safeguard our fire company so that we can continue to keep you and everyone in our community safe.